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Award Winning

2011 had all but defeated many wineries in Victoria with very wet, humid conditions and lots of downey and powdery mildew all but wiping out the vintages. However, we had a full crop of healthy fruit, mainly due to our constant vigilance, and now that hard work is paying off in the awards this vintage is winning.


London International Wine Challenge

Syrah du Monde, France.
"The Shiraz of the world."

2011 tasting notes

“Quite deep, dense red colour with no sign of age on the rim. Rich, powerful nose with ripe berry fruit, liquorice, aniseed, and well-handled oak - very attractive. Lovely intense ‘juicy’ palate showing ripe berry fruit, good balance and length, nice oak flavours, and a well integrated tannic finish. A really enjoyable drink - well made.”
From the Wine Panel at Commonwealth Golf Club.

2008,2009 & 2010

The first vintage was picked in 08 and has SOLD OUT. It won 4 awards.

09 picked up several awards in its first year and finished with a Silver Medal from the London International Wine Challenge and has since SOLD OUT.

2010 was a challenging year with very testing weather conditions towards the end of harvest. We decided not to make a Shiraz as, in our opinion, it would not be up to our expectations. If the wine is not going to be brilliant, we won’t make it. However we did produce a truly superb Rose.


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