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As we are a boutique vineyard we have the opportunity to concentrate on true quality, manipulating the vines and their requirements to produce the best possible fruit.

We are phyloxera free and have a spray regime to minimize disease. The vines are capable of producing 4 tonnes to the acre but we aim to only harvest low tonnage over the whole 4.5 acres. This means a severe pruning at veraison so the vines can concentrate on the flavours we want.

In our first year here we set about turning the front horse paddock into 1.8 hectares of shiraz. Planted in November 2005 from cuttings generously given by our neighbour, they have thrived and continue to deliver stunning award winning vintages each year.

Our philosophy is simple

Hand tendered vines nursed along for the first 2 years.

Once well established the fruit is carefully thinned out allowing the vines to concentrate on producing the full flavoured, complex and elegant fruit which makes this shiraz so special. “Less is more”

The foot hills of the Strathbogie Ranges is an ideal terroir for shiraz which prefers the granite base rock of the surrounding mountains, mixed with sandy loam and ironstone gravel and a clay subsoil. The warmer temperatures on the lower levels suit shiraz which allow the grapes to ripen filled with wonderful flavours of blackberry, spices and liquorice.

The first vintage was harvested in 2008 and the wine made by Lindsay Brown.

From our initial plantings in November 2005 our 4.5 acres of Shiraz has more than delivered.


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